SPFC Youth Launch 2023-2024

SPFC youth officially announce collaboration with SPFC USL2.

"This process has been years in the making as we strive to offer the Pinellas area with more opportunity and growth throughout the city/county. Strictly Soccer has served the Pinellas area for over 30+ years producing over 180+ college commitments with 14 professional players spanning from MLS, USL, NWSL, and overseas. With this new partnership we only seeing those numbers going in an upward trajectory adding new programming, while continuing with what Strictly was known best for, its training and development. Many don’t know but St. Petersburg FC was our original name when our club was first established so it’s nice to give a nod to the name from our past but a look ahead to our bright future. St. Petersburg FC youth will have rec, competitive youth, and pre-professional programming for its members and the surrounding community. The soccer community is widespread in the Pinellas area with great talent throughout and creating an environment with top level training, on and off the field player development as well as a clear player pathway, it’s safe to say SPFC Youth is ready for this 2023-2024 launch. We have always been a progressive club, and the first to do allot of things within the area. We feel this is the right step forward for our members and for the community."

Chad Burt SPFC Youth Director of Coaching/USL2 Assistant Coach

“Our mission, as a Club, is to give every player in St. Petersburg and Pinellas County access to play the beautiful game and expand opportunities through our programming. The start of SPFC USL 2 has been a huge success in having a true pathway within Pinellas County that allows players to come back to their hometown community and continue their development as players and people. Adding the youth component now (Strictly Soccer) will give the next generation of youth players the platform and programming they will need to reach their goals on and off the field. I couldn't be more excited to get to work with the entire Burt Family, all of their coaches, and players to finally bring a pathway from youth to pre-professional to the St. Petersburg Community. 

“Alex Delgado SPFC USL 2 Head Coach

There is allot of excitement and buzz on what we are accomplishing and SPFC youth will continue announce news on what to expect for 2023-2024 season as well as the future.